What is website?

What is  website?

Basically the website is a way to show yourself on the Internet. Your website is a place on the Internet, anyone in the world can mengunjunginya, anytime they can know about you, give a question to you, give you input or find out and even buy your product.

Internet is like a trade center in the world and your Website is one of the shop  in the center of the trade.

Why you need a website?

5 years ago, has a website just for prestige.
2 years ago, has a website is just as trendy.
Today it has a website is a must!

All people using the Web for everything from school to work by ordering food because the process is quick, cheap, easy & fun! You do not need to leave your desk. Even people who like shopping even though the product you are looking for on the Web. Now they tried to find your product or service, the first place they look is on the Web – and if they can not find your products and services on the Web, most likely they will find that your competitors already have a Website!

What can be done with a website?

Your website can be used for various tasks, such as:

* Making the announcement or notice.
* Provide customer service to you.
* Receive feedback from a visitor / customer you.
* Sharing and distributing files and images.
* Communicate directly with the customer who you are anywhere in the world.

And of course, sell your products and services. The above may still seem less interesting, but do not forget that you can do the above is to the world at any time .. in the afternoon and evening with a very low cost!

How does a website work?

Website is just a collection of files that are located on a computer connected to the Internet. When someone visits your website, they actually only connected to a computer and a computer (later referred to as the Server) provides a file that they want to see.

This sound simple, but generally do not have the usual computer power and software needed to respond to all requests that are required by visitors to your website. And even if the computer / server you are, your computer will need a connection / Internet access outside the usual quick to serve the number of visitors to your website.

Generally, small companies not able to run a Web Server and Web Hosting company that is required!

How do I create a website?

To have a website you will need a website address and domain name that is a service Computer / Server to store your data that is Web Hosting Services

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